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Being a photographer, you most likely have a website for your photography business. It is advertising your personal brand or promoting your studio. Search engine traffic can bring you constant flow of new clients but most photographers usually can be found only by brand searches, i.e. their own name or studio’s name.

Even if you are famous enough, you might want to get more clients who are not aware of your photo studio, and make more money. New customers can find you when searching in Google or Yahoo or Bing for “photographer in my location”. My location is a city, town, neighborhood, borough or ZIP.

How to get your website visible in search engines for those searches exactly for your location? You need local SEO - Search Engine Optimization.

Successful SEO means your website is placed on the first page of the search results. This success doesn’t happen overnight, and significant efforts are needed for building a strong web presence stable against competitors’ activity and constant search algorithm changes.

How to get more clients to your photography website?

  • LocalSEO4B offers professional SEO services to help photography business websites improve their organic search positions by appropriate Google-friendly methods. Our team has SEO specialists who work in the ever-changing conditions since 2002. We can help you generate relevant free organic traffic to your website, which could get your photography business off the ground.
  • We consider SEO as an important part of digital marketing and combine it with Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, PPC, and Online Reputation Management, using Competitive Research, Web Analytics, and Usability as a basement for successful photographer's website promotion.
  • Your website will get constantly growing multi-channel local traffic to convert it into sales and clients.


I have been working with these guys for many years. I recommend them as a good partner for web design and SEO services.
Daniel Wrench, Florida, USA
Forthought, Inc.


I am working with this team for years. They have done many SEO and SMM projects for local Scotland businesses.
Mike Smith, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Local Directory Live

Why Choose Us

SEO experts of our company have been practicing digital marketing for many years and have real experience proved by dozens of successful projects and happy clients. Read testimonials of our happy clients above and view successful case studies below.
SEO consultants at the photography business SEO agency know how to make your website #1. Local SEO will increase your website visibility in major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing and more people will come to see your works and contact you to arrange photo shoot.
Our photography business Search Engine Optimization company does SEO in line with Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Video Marketing, Email Marketing, and Pay-Per-Click Marketing, so your website will get multi-channel local traffic. Using Web Analytics we will improve usability of your website to convert visitors into customers.
No hidden charges. No tricky methods. No spam. You can select from 4 SEO packages. We require no strict contract, but the best results could be expected in 6-12 months of active work with our photography business SEO consultants.

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