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Email Marketing Services for Photography Business

Most photographers consider Email Marketing less important than SEO and Social Media Marketing because the first thing that comes to your mind when we say Email Marketing is sending damn spam or boring advertising newsletters nobody opens and reads.

Give Email Marketing the second chance to prove it can help your photography business to get new clients and return your existing clients.

If you are a starter photographer and do not have large list of existing customers you should start with your subscribers list building. Value every your subscriber, even 10 persons worth caring about them because in case of successful with you they will share your contacts with friends. Remember, 43% or new orders photographers get from word of mouth recommendations. (Photoshelter’s The Photographer's Outlook on 2015 survey)

Where photographers get new clients

What we offer to photography businesses within Email Marketing services

  1. Build opt-in list for your subscribers
  2. Create Email Marketing strategy
  3. Set up automated email sending software
  4. Design newsletters
  5. Tracking and Analytics

For better results we recommend to combine your efforts with Content Marketing aka blogging and Social Media Marketing. Believe us, every photographer has something interesting to tell and especially show to the world, so purpose of marking is to help doing that right for commercial benefit.

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