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Pay Per Click Advertising for Photography Websites

Getting on the first page of search engines is not a one day process. Usually you need to wait up to 6-12 months until your website Local SEO efforts bring results. Pay-per-click advertising can help you to get clicks to your website while your organic “free” rankings are being built in a right Google-friendly way by working on the website quality and popularity.

We can help you to create and manage Ad Campaign in the most common PPC networks Google AdWords and Bing Ads and in the social networks like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, and Twitter.

Using our Pay Per Click services you can avoid the most common mistakes website owners make with their PPC advertising campaigns.

Pay Per Click Marketing for Photography Websites

What is Pay-Per-Click?

Pay-per-click or PPC marketing means advertisers pay for each single click done on their ads placed on the publishers platforms. This way you pay for visits to your website site instead of attracting those people for free or organically. When used correctly, PPC marketing can be a powerful way to drive clients to your photography website and get new orders. If used poorly, it becomes expensive and useless activity not worth even trying for some photographers.

The following will help you decide if you should include PPC Adverting in your photography business plan. Depending on the publishers platforms there are different types of Pay-per-click ads you can use for your photography business promotion.

Pay per click advertising with Google AdWords

In Google AdWords you create text-based ads that appear in the search engine results that are relevant to your website. The search results are usually placed below the search field and above organic free results; they are marked with green “Ad” sticker. Look at the image below to understand what it is.

Google Adwords example for search "wedding photographer miami"

As you can see from the example, there are different types of photography related businesses are advertised with Google AdWords for search “wedding photographer Miami fl”.

Large and small studios, individual photographers and photographers directories use AdWords to increase the chance that their website will appear on the first page of Google results for selected keywords. Cost per click (CPC) for the keyword “Miami wedding photographer” is about $2.86 and there are about 480 searches for it monthly.

Cost per click rates on Adwords for "miami wedding photographer"

With Click-through-rate (CTR) 10% and an average website conversion rate 1-2% from these 480 searches you will get 4-5 clicks (and pay $12-14) and visitors, and maybe 1 of them contacts you to arrange photo shoot. Sounds sad, if you do not optimize your website landing page and AdWords campaign settings.

There are many ways to get excellent results from Google AdWords using it to attract new clients to your photography website. Contact us for budget estimation.

Pay per click Google Display Advertising and Remarketing

There are 2 options to use Google Display advertising network:

  1. Standard – show images, text, and video ads on the network partner websites to people targeted by keywords.
  2. Remarketing - show images, text, and video ads only to people who have previously visited your website and their desktop or mobile devices were marked with a special tracking code. This code will then trigger showing ads on the network partner websites only to those people who have shown enough interest in your services, for example, visited your portfolio page or contact page but didn’t make a request. You can remind about yourself by offering hot deal, discount or sharing advice.

Pay per click Bing Ads

Google is not the only search engine that offer PPC adverting. Bing Ads provides pay per click advertising on Bing and Yahoo! search engines which is less competitive and costs cheaper than AdWords.

Pay per click Social Network Advertising

Not only search engines can sell your visitors. Social network like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram offer paid ads integrated into user’s newsfeed. Due to virus nature of publications in social networks it’s possible to get great exposure at relatively low cost per click. Social Media PPC advertising is a part of Social Media Marketing services we offer to photography businesses.

Contact us to build an individual strategy for your website PPC advertising.

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