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Local SEO Services for Photography Websites

The Photographer's Outlook 2015 survey by Photoshelter states that about 90% of professional photographers have a website, but only 5% of them get new clients from this source. Others use it just as an online portfolio. Do you know your website can be a powerful tool for attracting new customers? For this it must be visible to people who are searching for photographer’s services.

What is Local SEO and how it can help your photography business to get more clients

When somebody types “photographer in my area” local search algorithm triggers in Google and local search results are returned as 3-pack Map listings. If your website is considered by Google the best among other photographer’s websites, it will be shown every time somebody makes searches related to your area. People will click the website link, go to it, see your portfolio, contact you to arrange meeting. Website visitors from organic search turn into clients and bring you money.

Our work is to ensure you are placed on the top. How will we do that?

How do we do Local SEO for photography website

Local SEO has main stages to follow:

STEP 1. Research and Analytics

First of all we will do Keyword Research to reveal how your potential clients search for services similar to what you offer. Keywords are at the heart of SEO and choosing the right keywords for your photography website is the most important step.

We will research your competitors’ websites to understand where their clients come from, which marketing tools other photographers in your area use. This information will help us to create your website Marketing Strategy, Keywords Strategy, and Competitors Report.

STEP 2. On Page SEO

The above information will be used to optimize every page of your website to attract people from search engines. Search Engine Optimization consists of technical issues, which should be fixed if found after SEO Audit, special adjustments, and text content optimization. Your website must clearly states about services you offer and locations you are serving.

STEP 3. Links & Citation Building

Google and other search engines understand text found on the website and reveals links to your website found on other websites. For local searches they also count citations – mentions of your business name, address, and phone (NAP). An example of citation is your listing on Yelp.

The more links and citations your website has, the higher position it takes in searches. But search engines are now smart to understand which websites really deserve top rankings and which were adjusted with non-fair spam methods.

Building safe and useful link portfolio for the website is a very challenging work and should be trusted to professionals otherwise you are at risk to be punished by search engines and banned from searches, which means your website will be found nowhere.

STEP 4. Google My Business Management

Google My Business is an interface for local businesses combining Google Maps and business page listing in Google+ social network. You can add photos, driving instructions, open hours within your profile, people can review your business and rate it with stars. We will optimize your Google My Business page to get the best results in searches.

STEP 5. Website quality improvement

All the above steps are useless without having a good website. What Google considers a good website? Let’s look at the Google Webmaster Guidelines.

Basic principles are:

  • Website must be unique, valuable, engaging and standing out from others in your field.
  • Website must help people to find what they are looking for.
  • Website must not deceive people and use spam tricks your users to improve search engine rankings.

Your website must be updated with fresh interesting content, people must like browsing it, sharing with friends in social networks and returning to it again. Blogging is the best way to make your website useful and interesting. We will create Content Strategy for your website; you can write posts by yourself or we can do that with a professional approach.

We consider local SEO as a substantive part of Online Marketing for photography businesses. We recommend you also use Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing for better results, and Pay-Per-Click advertising for greater exposure.

Local SEO Services for your business

Timelines and Warranties

When it comes to SEO there are no promises and guarantees for rankings results. Professional search engine optimization experts always keep in mind they do not control results they are expecting from their work. But professional means experienced, when mistakes have been made before and conclusions have been done to consider in the future. Every photography website is unique. Every photography genre has specific demand. Every location has its own demographic features. We can predict which results your websites can get and we can guarantee we do our best for this.

Usually it must take up to 6-12 months to optimize a website and build stable visitors traffic to it from search engines. Some websites may see good results in 3 months if they are offering lower competitive services in lower competitive area.

Contact us to get estimation for your photography website marketing.